Helpful Tips


The Israeli New Shekel (NIS) is Israel's national currency. Your foreign currency can be converted at the airport or at any bank branch. There are also many currency exchange booths located in all cities that
will exchange your money for you, however this option has higher commision fees. Israel's banks are open in the mornings but not every afternoon.


Winter - December, January and February.

Temperatures during this period of the year range between 5 - 20 degrees C.
Snowfalls occur on the Hermon mountain and this draws thousands of visitors who enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. This period is considered Israel's rainy season with the whole country
experiencing short spells of heavy downfalls and gusting winds.

Spring - March, April and May.

In these months visitors to Israel can enjoy milder temperatures ranging between 14 - 26 degrees C.
This is the time to experience Israel's many outdoor sites and activities. This is the perfect season to go on a tiyul (hike) through the forests near Jerusalem or to visit the mountains in the north.

Summer - June, July and August.

It is hot, hot, hot. Temperatures can rise to a scorching 35 degrees C during these months.
This is the time to visit any of Israel's beautiful beaches where you can relax and cool off in the Mediterranean.
The center of the country experiences high levels of humidity so remember to keep well hydrated.

Autumn - September, October and November.

This season brings relief after the intense heat of the summer. Temperatures range between 18 - 28 degrees C.
This temperate weather encourages much outdoor activity like picnics, a walk along Tel Aviv's promenade or a dip in the ocean.


Israel has one of the best public transport systems in the world. The green buses of Egged, Israel's biggest public bus company, can be used to reach almost every corner of Israel. Most of the bus lines run
from the early hours of the morning to midnight but it is recommended to check online - Egged Online - or by phone (03-6948888) for the exact times and lines that you wish to take. Israel's train system is very reliable, cheap and a quick means of transport when planning on traveling far distances in Israel. To check the train times click on the following link : Israel Railways.
Israel has hundreds of white taxi's which can be hailed from the side of the road, the rates are high but this is by far the quickest means of transport over short distances.


Israel has 3 cellphone companies, Orange, Cellcom and Pelephone. These can be hired from any of these companies at the airport or at their branches in the main cities.

Some Prices

Can of Coke : 6 shekels
English newspaper : 10 shekels
Cup of coffee : 6 - 10 shekels
500 ml of Carlsberg beer : 19 - 21 shekels
Falafel balls in a pita : 10 - 14 shekels
Schwarma (meat off a spit in a pita) : 20 - 30 shekels
Macdonalds Big Mac Meal : 32 - 35 shekels


Wireless internet is widely available in Israel with most coffee shops and hotels providing free access.

Car Rental

Israel's main car hire companies have offices at the airport. A large range of cars, both manual and automatic, are available for hire. There are extra charges for car seats, additional drivers, etc.
For more details, click on the following link : Eldan Rent A Car


Israel takes security very seriously and this is often a shock to the tourist. An important thing to remember is that when entering shopping centers, restaurants and many other buildings, there is usually a
security gaurd who will check your bags and person. This is the norm in Israel and is accepted as a regular part of daily life. It is also important to remember not to forget or leave any bags or parcels unattended anywhere, for this often seen as a security threat.

Emergency Numbers

Police : 100
Magen David Adom : 101
Fire and Rescue services : 102

Religious Areas

When visiting many of the religious sites and areas, it is suggested that apropriate attire be worn.